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Getting to Pelee Island

Pelee Island is close by:  just a short ferry ride from Kingsville/Leamington, Canada and Sandusky, Ohio; a plane ride from Port Clinton, Ohio; or take your private boat to Scudder Marina.  Once you are here, it feels like you are millions of miles away.


For more information on transportation to the Island follow these links:

Getting to Pelee General Information (Ferry, Plane, Private Boat):

Getting to Pelee from Port Clinton (Ohio, USA) via Griffing Flying Service:


Getting to Pelee from Sandusky (Ohio, USA) or Kingsville/Leamington (Canada) via Ontario Ferries:

Getting to Pelee from Leamington (Canada) via private water taxi Pelee Island Charters.

Missed the ferry or would like a private water taxi? Captain Dean Robillard can pick you up at the Leamington Marina (mainland Ontario) and take you to the island.​ 30 Minutes From Leamington Marina To Scudder Marina, Pelee Island. Flat rate, 8 passengers maximum.


For more information on things to do when you are on the island (including Fall Pheasant hunts and renting boat docks at Scudder Marina), see the Township of Pelee Island website.

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