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Club History

The Pelee Club was founded in 1883 to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. The lodge is located on the northwest tip of Pelee Island, Canada. It has a Queen Victoria charter.

The original members included Marshall Field, Robert Todd Lincoln and George Pullman who all loved to fish for pickerel and bass on Lake Erie. Later members, many from Ohio, included Barney Kroger, Joseph T. Carew, Joe Peebles, R. K. LeBlond and Thomas Paxton. U.S. Presidents Grover Cleveland and William H. Taft were honorary members. Today’s members are Canadian and American families, couples, and individuals from many walks of life including businesspeople, educators, physicians, and attorneys.

​Since 1883 there has been one lasting constant, the Pelee Club is a community of people that enjoy the simple pleasures of life on Pelee Island!

The Club acknowledges and sends gratitude to the original ancestors of Pelee Island and its surrounding waters. It recognizes that these First Peoples stewarded the lands and waters and welcomed and aided new settlers from afar. The Club honors and respects the continuing presence of the Caldwell First Nation and the Walpole Island First Nation in this region and other indigenous communities across Turtle Island.

The Club also acknowledges and sends gratitude to the many island residents and craftsmen who have made the Pelee Club possible.

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