Pelee Island was formed by the last Ice Age nearly 10,000 years ago. Situated in the middle of the Western Reserve of Lake Erie, it comprises about 36 square miles of fertile farm land, scenic shoreline, and a remarkable history.

Back in 1883, a group of avid fishermen formed a fishing club and built a large structure on the northern shore of the island. This new "Pelee Club" comprised some of the most successful merchants, war heroes, and civic leaders in the country at that time.
The eternal struggle with the wiley bass and elusive walleye offered to them the opportunity to escape the frantic pace of urban life and find respit on this island paradise.


The World is quite different today than it was in 1883; but the Pelee Club has changed little through the years! Sure, the Clubhouse has electricity now, and the hollers of oarsmen have been replaced by the buzz of outboards.

But the atmosphere is remarkably untouched by the spoils of progress. Most roads are still gravel. And the fishing remains as exciting and rewarding as it was in those heady days of the gaslights.

There's something at the Pelee Club for everyone!

If you're not inclined to wet a line, try cycling around the island. You'll see quail and pheasant, fox and squirrel.

The Island is the stop-off for migratory birds on their way north each May. Some " birders" report slightly over 90 species in a single weekend!

Is it reading you crave? The club's library numbers over 1,000 volumes, some belonging to notables like Joseph Peebles and RK Leblond.

Or maybe you fansy yourself an Ansel Adams. Pelee has enough scenic vistas and historical sites to delight any photographer!

Some families just can't stay out of the water. But with swimming, boating, water skiing, and sea-dooing, who's to stop you!

As a fishing and hunting retreat, the Pelee Club enjoys a tradition unequaled on the North American continent!

Founded in 1883 by wealthy merchants and industrialists, the Club's roster has included such names as Marshall Field, George Pullman, Robert Todd Lincoln, Joseph Peebles, and Barney Kroger.

Furthermore, four US Presidents have visited the Club as guests, several being inducted as
Honorary Members.

Today, the Club's roster includes businessmen and professionals from the Midwest area who look upon the Club as a peaceful haven far from the hustle of city life.

The island's quaint character, the historic charm of the clubhouse, and the waters teaming with walleye and bass cast an almost unbreakable spell on all who venture within.